Write out the top 6 things from above that you would recommend to stay a part of this course either because you enjoyed them or you found them helpful and useful                                          /3


Reflect on this course: the questions below are only suggestions                                      /6

What might be some additional kinds of writing and study you would suggest we add to this course? What units would you suggest we omit next year? Comment on the quality of feedback you received for your writing. What could have made this course more student-friendly? You might comment on why you particularly enjoyed or did not enjoy certain units or why you found some helpful and useful or why others were not. Comment on the amount of individual and group work or on methods of instruction you found helpful or not so helpful. What might have made this course more interesting?

Respond to any 3 of the prompts below. You need not answer every question in each prompt; they are just suggestions.                                                                                                                       /21


1)    What role do you think poetry can play in our lives? Why do people write poems? Of what use are they? What is a favorite poem of yours and why? Share a specific example of how poetry has helped or enriched your studies or your personal life.  Why should we study poetry in school, or shouldn’t we? Poetry sometimes has a bad reputation with high school students; why do you think that is? Poetry to me is one of the many ways to voice out our opinions or feelings other than writing rants or songs etc. I think people write poetry because it’s a way to indirectly write out their opinions in a more interesting way, like using rhymes or other different vocabulary. Also they could express feelings that they don’t normally say out loud. For example, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with saying what I wrote in my “Seniors” poem to the seniors directly, but I was able to write it down.  I felt like poetry made Advanced Composition a lot more fun, partly because I enjoy writing poems more than pieces like research papers. Also I felt like I could incorporate daily events or different inside jokes in the poems, for example, phrases like “cool story bro”. I think we should study poetry in school, because I really enjoy writing them, and also I said before, it makes writing-based courses so much more interesting.


2)    Compare and contrast the Shakespeare play you studied in Advanced Composition this year with others you are familiar with. You might compare characters, themes, conflicts, style, your personal preferences, subject matter and settings. I feel like Shakespearean characters are always so blinded by their feelings, their love or hate for other people. These actions usually result in really stupid but avoidable deaths. Like the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet because of love or Hamlet’s death due to his hate and urge for revenge. The worst of all, King Lear blinded by his ego as he made his daughters tell him how much they loved him before he gave them a share of his kingdom. All these characters were worshipped as people who died for love, or revenge. There’s even a term called “Tragic Hero”. In these cases, I consider them tragic, but I would never regard anyone of them as heroes. If these people would’ve thought twice before their actions, and try to see things through, they could’ve avoided all these tragic events and they could’ve all been happy endings.


3)    In your opinion is it important to still study Shakespeare in school? In what ways might studying Shakespeare help you understand society, history, the English language, other literature or pop culture? Is Shakespeare a good writer in your opinion? Is he a good story-teller? Is it possible for one to derive pleasure from studying, reading or watching his plays? Is Shakespeare outdated? Is his language archaic? Are his stories too convoluted?I feel like studying Shakespeare in school is a very important tool to help us learn about medieval life in Europe. Different cultural practices, and traditions, and also the words the abundant vocabulary in describing their feelings of affection for each other. Although it is an important part of the syllabus, I don’t enjoy studying his plays, partly because I feel like a lot of his characters are really stupid, all blinded by their emotions, like their love (Romeo and Juliet) or hate (Hamlet) that often result to tragic, but avoidable loss of lives. I think Shakespeare plays are very outdated, although some of them are really romantic, but they don’t poetry reality in our society nowadays. Social structure has changed drastically and also the way people pursue love in real life.


4)    Good dialogue is marked by certain characteristics. Choose the characteristics you think are important to good dialogue and explain why you think they are important. Give specific examples from a dialogue you wrote, a dialogue a classmate wrote or a section of dialogue you have read in literature or seen in film. I feel like dialogues should be very informal, because I don’t see how a reader would enjoy reading a very boring conversation between people. If the words, or the tone used in the dialogue aren’t chosen carefully, and if they don’t catch the reader’s attention, then the readers would just think that “it’s just two people talking, why do I care?” Also I think it should incorporate interesting phrases you would use in a conversation with your friend. For example, in my dialogue I used a lot of quotes we use in our daily conversations, like “what the” and “obviously” and a lot other phrases that our classmates would get a good laugh at.




5)    Comment on the use of film as a learning tool in this class. Reflect on a film watched in Advanced Composition this year. What did you learn from it? Why did you enjoy it or not enjoy it? Would you recommend the teacher to show this film next year? Why or why not? If the film was a version of a text you had already read, how did the film enhance or detract from your enjoyment or understanding of that text? How did the film make you feel? What questions did it make you ask? Specifically, what did you learn from it? Could you suggest alternative films the teacher might use if you did not enjoy the ones shown in this class? I really loved the movie “What Dreams May Come”, partly because I’ve watched it before and I understand the plot. I would definitely recommend a teacher to show this movie next year because it really touched me on how the husband would journey to the depths of hell to save his wife, even when his guide/teacher told him he might not be able to return. This movie actually reminded me of this song called “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, as it portrayed how a person could sacrifice so much for the one he/she loves.


6)    Why should students write a research paper?  Reflect on the various skills you learned while writing your research paper. Which may prove helpful in the future and why? What did you learn from writing your research paper? What do you think are the key elements of a good research paper? What do you wish you had done differently during the process of writing your paper? Who might be a target audience for your research paper and how might it benefit them? In I learned how to use more advanced researching tools like Questia and also using different citation formats, as I didn’t have to cite any of my work before this piece. Being able to Questia will be beneficial for my learning in college because college level papers can’t just rely on search engines like Wikipedia, Google etc. My target audience is people around my same age, this will benefit them as I include a large variety of topics in my paper and I connect their common areas to make it more relevant. For example I talked about Trent Reznor, Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein. These are all great examples from their respective fields, like the music industry, sports and science. I talked about how all of them didn’t start of very well, but they didn’t give up and they all became world famous examples of success. A pioneer of Industrial Rock, The greatest player to ever play in the NBA, and one of the greatest scientists in the world.


7)    My role in class discussions and seminars. Reflect on your participation in class discussions and seminars this year. How would you characterize your contributions both in quality and quantity? What things encouraged you to participate? What things were detrimental to your participation? In what ways might you improve? What things did Ms. Manchester do or could have done to facilitate improved discussion? Why is participation in class discussion important? I would say that my contributions in seminar discussions were both decent in terms of quality and quantity. As I have responded to a lot of the questions, and shared a lot of my personal experiences, and all my responses were put into thorough thought instead of just “yes, no” answers. I think it was my daily life relevance to the characters in the book that led me to answer the questions. I felt like my past experiences could relate to how the characters were feeling. I think we Ms. Manchester could’ve given us a certain amount of feedback not just on what we responded, but HOW we responded to the questions. As the feedback would help us be more coherent in future discussions.





Dialogue (Peer Pressure)

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Peer Pressure


N: Hey Max, let’s go arcade afterschool today. We’ll play Gundam and Initial D! You know? The driving game that everyone plays? Yeah! We can use our  Initial D cards and play till our feet and hands are numb!


L: Nah, I don’t think so. I’m grounded, and my mom wants me to study for my bio test tomorrow. I’m getting an A- in the class man.. I really need the extra time to study.


N: An a-?! I’m happy with my C. C’mon man; you’re always doing other things like hanging out with your girlfriend and going to youth group. C’mon, you know you want to…


L:I don’t think so. Some other time..


N: Your coming. Period. No excuse.


L: Uhhh, ok. I guess I can game for about an hour or so. I’ll tell my parents that I’m staying afterschool for some study group. But ONLY for an hour, ok? Even if the game is not over, I still have to leave, alright?


N: Yeah yeah, whatever, lets just game!


(the next scene takes place in the arcade)


N: Oh yeah! This game is awesome! C’mon! Start drifting man! It’ll boost you and go to max-speed!


L: I’m trying I’m trying! I haven’t played this game in ages! Give me a second!


N: Ha thanks to all that studying, you’re obviously a PRO now, haha, cmon! You can do better than that, I know you have that skill in somewhere, maybe somewhere in your genes, or chromosomes or whatever bio was about..


L :Ha, that’s why you don’t arcade all day long!


N: Well well Mr. Einstein if you crash again you might just find me lapping you a second time.


L: Oh shut up dude, if you fail your bio test tomorrow I would honestly “raugh out roud”.


N: I’ll just awaken the true “asianness” within me and pull it off with a C+

L: I wonder where you’re gonna go after you get out of high school.


N: Stop trying to be a goodie goodie, you just got a detention for PDA. An A+ in health wouldn’t help you pull it off.


(looks at watch)

L : Oh crap, it’s already 15 minutes over! My mom is gonna murder me!


N: Oh chillax, she’ll understand.


L: Noooo I really have to go!


N: Don’t let the fire die! You just started to get better.


L :No dude! I really need to go! You should go home too! Maybe you would get a B- for once and you might just get your Xbox back,


N: You kidding me? Why would I do that to myself? I don’t wanna be Einstein when I can do a 54 second lap time! Maybe I should go for Formula 1 instead! And by the way….. You are NOT going home anytime soon, if you step out of this place I’m gonna tell your mom you got a girlfriend


L: oh gosh my mom’s gonna grill me, either way I’m screwed so I might as well just enjoy the last hours of my life.

The next day at school..


N: Yo dude what’s the matter?


L: If my mom sees my test score for Bio, this is the last time I’ll ever be standing in front of you with a pulse.


N: C’mon it can’t be THAT bad can it? What did you actually get…?


L: (Cries) A B+ !!! I’m so screwed!


N: Well at least you’ve started to develop your racing instincts that run in your blood stream. You won’t be worrying about a job anymore!

Rant Rampage!

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 Most of you might have noticed the “Waiting for repair sign stuck to the door right outside this classroom. But if you didn’t already know why, the sign is still there because of the lack of organization and some god-d*mn administration in ICS, this school that we pay 10k each month for. Also it was a result of an impulsive act of rage by a stupid guy with a taekwondo sidekick, which in this case was me. Why? There was a girl whose name shall not be mention for it brings apocalypse to world, which continuously annoyed and finally provoked my explosion. I’ve been very close friends with this girl since 9th grade, and we would almost share anything with each other. I even took the initiative to film and edit for her project during my free time! Despite my unappreciated effort, I was dragged into her group for the final project along side with my friend Calvin. First she just HAD to pick the stupid topic on the ”Song Sisters” which was the first thing I was annoyed about, then she proceeded on procrastinating and watching YouTube videos and laughing out loud while I was working hard. Also I felt like she was bullying and enslaving Calvin, forcing make up on his face, and insulting him when he was only trying to lend a prop to his friends from another group. Not only were her ideas selfish and retarded, they were very unclear. Sounds like the typical style of spoiled b**ch yeh? Then it got to the point where she was b*tching around and insulting my participation and the work I’ve done in the group, the exact words that came out from her mouth were “what did you even do? You didn’t even do sh*t!” At that point I could no longer hold back and I slammed the laptop onto the sofa, causing the screen to flap backwards. Then I proceeded to go downstairs to the washroom to cool down, but when I got to the door my mind went blank and I just gave the door a merciless kick and it flung open and the glass cracked. Even after that, as Ms. Chung asked them to find out what happened, they conspired and tried to exaggerate and blame the whole thing on me. I swear to God I wasn’t able to do anything to them because I would have to reluctantly admit that they are girls although I can hardly find any virtues of a female in them. Luckily enough, our brilliant teacher understood and believed my truthful explanation of the incident, and I was able to leave the group and finish my project within 2 days. If I actually stayed in the group, I would’ve gotten so screwed. I guess it’s hard to hold back when some sl*t less capable than you are insults your very specialty and hobby, filming and video editing in this case. Even till this year it didn’t end, during Econ class when I was assigned in the same group with her, she had to suck up and try to apologize to me because if I ignored her, she would literally fail, because she’s like hella stupid. And as you might’ve guessed our Econ final got totally f*cked up cuz of her. There should be a place in hell for these people.

Seniors (Emotional Poem)

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Seniors<—–click here 🙂

Political Poem<——yehh, click that

Anything but work!<——-click on that

Portfolio Reflection

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Unit Reflection and Response


  1. Pick any two of your writing pieces and write a short justification as to why you have chosen to categorize them under a particular Orwellian purpose.


Piece 1 Credo                                        Purpose Egotistical, Political


Justification (make specific reference to your text)

This piece could be identified as Egotistical because this piece generally describes my ideas and views on certain aspects of my life. Hence, it can also be identified as a Political Piece because in this piece I express my views using strong and bold statements (red color).                              /4


Piece 2 Opinion Piece                    Purpose Aesthetic, Political


Justification (make specific reference to your text)

In this piece I picked a certain topic and I described clearly why I think “Family” was important to me. So the reason why this piece is political is because it’s MY thoughts that I wrote about, and since I described it in detail, so it can also be identified as being a aesthetic piece.      /4


  1. Which of your pieces was the most challenging to write? Give three reasons and explain.                                                      /3

I think the Restaurant review was the hardest to write. At first when we had to walk for more than 20 minutes to the hotel that was very well “camouflaged” in the forest of tall buildings, I already had a fairly bad impression on the restaurant. So throughout the process it was hard for me not to dwell on that “grudge” and be non-biased when I took notes for the review. Also it was challenging to link the paragraphs together using effective transitions, which was one of my weaknesses in writing. Lastly it was difficult to describe the food and service in such way that wouldn’t bore my audience to death, because for some parts I almost got bored to sleep too.


  1. Which of your pieces was the most enjoyable to write?  Give three reasons and explain.                                                           /3

I would say I enjoyed writing the Credo, because through that piece I could describe my thoughts and opinions in my own style. In this case it would be each thought described in one bold sentence. Also it was very relatable to my own life because sometimes I just felt like I really needed someone to believe in me. As I said at the last part of the credo, “I Believe in anyone who is willing to believe in me and recognize my strengths”.


  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses as a writer?                      /4

My strengths would be the ability to portray objects or events in very descriptive ways and also consider my writing style pretty interesting for the reader. My weaknesses on the other hand would be transitioning from different points to another, as seen in the restaurant review. Also I tend to make quite a bit of grammatical mistakes or miss out words when I write too fast.


  1. A future career or field of study I am considering is Business/Hospitality Management, if not management I would likely choose General Business/Economics   /3


  1. What kind(s) of writing described by Orwell might be important in this career or field? Give specific examples.

I thinking Political and Historical is the most important, to be in this career I should be political because to manage effectively, I must describe my own ideas and thoughts to my colleagues, also historical because in management, referring to past examples would be very helpful in modeling a style of management and also learn from the mistakes from the former workers in the field.


  1. What advice would you offer ICS Advanced Composition teachers as they plan this unit for next year? What might be some additional pieces of writing to add and why? How was the timing and pacing? Did you receive enough feedback? Did you receive enough instruction and input so you knew how to do each assignment? You can make specific comments about specific assignments here. What did you like or not like and why? What would make this unit more student friendly, provide more learning, or make it more interesting?                                                       /5


I think in order to make this unit more student friendly, future advanced composition teachers could offer a movie or video game review. Since a lot of us prefer simply enjoying our meal instead of taking notes along the way. It would be more relatable for us to write movie and video game reviews because these are topics that us students discuss about in our free time, and we would be able to review the movie afterwards without having to refer our notes too much. Also I really appreciated the idea of a Credo. It’s a very powerful way to express our opinions and feelings through a brief and explicit manner.


After completing this reflection paper post it on your blog and send it to your teacher.





Peer Feedback

Feedback from our peers helps us to become better writers. It can inspire us to keep writing and nudge us in the right direction when we need to think ‘outside the box’ about our writing. Giving feedback to other writers in turn improves our ability to look at writing objectively. As we give feedback we learn new things we can use in our own writing.

You are required to give feedback on five pieces of your classmates’ writing. You can add it in the comments section on your classmate’s blog. Your teacher will tell you whose blog you will respond to. Your feedback should be positive, helpful and constructive. You need to write a good paragraph and make at least three clear points for each piece you comment on. Make specific reference to text. Avoid general words like ‘awesome’, ‘interesting’, ‘nice’ or ‘good’. Make your comments specific and detailed. After you make each comment cut and paste it into the document below. Send that document to me.

Here are some things you might consider writing about as you give feedback:

  • How did the author’s personality or life experience give voice to their piece?
  • What has happened to you that is similar or very different to what has happened to the author?
  • Does the piece remind you of a book you have read, a news or historical event you’ve heard about, bring to mind a certain quote or make you think about a movie you have seen? Write about these connections.
  • What emotions did the piece evoke in you and why?
  • What was the message or point the author was trying to get across. Do you agree or disagree with them and why?
  • Which phrases in the piece stood out for you and why? Did you learn any new words while reading this piece?
  • What literary techniques did they use effectively or not so effectively?
  • What is something new you learned from this piece, about the author or about something they wrote about?
  • Did you find anything about the piece surprising? Why?
  • Comment on the artwork or photography that accompanies a piece. What do you appreciate or not appreciate about it? How does it add or detract from the effectiveness of the piece.
  • Did the piece give you an idea for something you would like to write about? Why and what?
  • Who do you think might be a suitable target audience for this piece? Why?
  • Is there something in the piece you found humorous? What and why?
  • Do you have other suggestions for topics or genres you think this author should try? Why?
  • There are seven traits of effective writing – Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Conventions, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, and Presentation. Which of these traits has the author really mastered? Give examples. What traits might still need a little work? Give suggestions. You may also choose to comment on just one of the traits and how and why you think the author excels at that trait.

Peer Feedback Comments

These comments need to be posted in classmates’ blogs AND sent to me

Your name Nick Jim


Classmate Stephanie Chin                                       Writing Piece Credo

I really loved the simple layout of this credo, both the background, fonts and also the style of this piece. It’s short but straight to the point, also it really touches my heart where it said “bring joy and happiness to a person…and they would pass it on to another person”. If everyone in this world did that wouldn’t it be great! One thing though, the way you put published it could be better, since the piece and the comment section are not on the same page, I had to flick back and forth to make sure my comment was actually relevant. Anyway great piece here!



Classmate Nathania Ho                                          Writing Piece Credo

This piece is very descriptive, I really liked the part where you compared our freedom with freeing a salmon, very interesting analogy there:). Also I’m sure a lot of people would agree with your belief in “striving for excellence”! Lastly I think the part where you said “I believe that there is something out of this world, it kind of reminds of our show choir theme this year “I believe there is more!”


Classmate Hilaire Chow                                      Writing Piece Opinion Piece

Nice picture! I really agree with the statement that you’ve made up their, that sometimes we stress over grades too much and we barely go out and have fun! After this I asked myself this question: what is out there more than and school and grades? It also reminded me to prioritize my stuff and balance them in my daily life. A really nice piece good job!



Classmate Sasha Cheung                                  Writing Piece Family Story

After reading this piece I got a general idea of how interesting your brother is and the way you two interact with each other. I liked how you mentioned some of the events that happen, especially the part where he would “dust his feet” onto your bed! That one made me laugh! Good job 😀



Classmate Tiffany Choi                                      Writing Piece Restaurant Review

I really liked how you wrote this piece in a descriptive, informative and simple manner. Having read this I’m officially starving again. Also I learned a lot from this restaurant review you made, in my future writings I need to try to be descriptive but also avoiding cliche and repetitive words that bore the audience. Anyhow I suggest that for the first sentence you should write the word “refresh” in capital letters as well to emphasize it. A very good piece!

Extra Credit

Classmate Stephanie Chin                                Writing About Me

This is a very interesting piece for me to read, I liked how you wrote this in a casual but descriptive way! Although despite the casualness I think you need to be aware of some minor grammatical mistakes. Other than that this is a really nice piece!