It’s simple: I believe

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Egotistical, Political

I BelieveI believe that I’m an angry person.

I believe that I eat too much.

I believe that life is spiritual, and it isn’t just about all our daily routines, homework, sleeping, eating or going to school.

I believe that life would be hell without friends and family.

I believe that our bodies could reach its furthest extensions if we have an incredibly strong will.

I believe that the Chinese will be the next and last dominating power in the world.

I believe in the power of words, the fact that it can be just as lethal as a free firing automatic rifle.

I believe in the Machiavellian theory, that we must reach our goals in any possible way.

I believe in war, the theory that all world peace is temporary.

I believe that God can do anything, but he doesn’t always do it.

I believe in music, the healing it brings.

I believe in the power of loneliness, how it can shape a person.

I believe that being in control is the happiest state of mind.

I believe they money isn’t everything, but without money you have nothing.

I believe in everyone that is willing to believe and recognize my strengths.

I believe in myself!

  1. hilairec says:

    Nice bold statements you made there. i really think you did a good job on expressing your opinion. My favorite line would be I believe that life would be hell without friends and family.” I find it very how you highlighted words in red. It helps emphasize your sentences. I also really like the picture!

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