MoMo Frenzy

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Historical

MoMo Frenzy

  1. Mandy Sun says:

    You’ve grasped the idea and how you should write this essay fairly well. As a restaurant review your detailed and informative description about each meal you ate was believable. I love how you included the price of each meal and photos to show the unique and interesting things about the restaurant. One thing you need to work on is your grammar. Although each paragraph gives enough information to the audience, your sentences are often missing words. This creates a bad flow in your piece, which if corrected would make a fine and realistic restaurant review.

  2. wmcathena says:

    The way you introduce this restaurant seems really interesting. You made me feel like going to this place for food someday. I love how you write a lot of details for every dish therefore it made me felt really hungry. I can totally imagine how it taste like and how delicious it is. It is really informational, and i really think it helped the readers to understand what and how the restaurant is and you totally helped the restaurant advertise because you wrote it in a way where the restaurant is so great and you gave it a great reputation.

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