If you could ever laugh your head off, Adeline would not have one

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Aesthetic, Historical

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” My cousin Adeline was always known as an intelligent and joyful girl from my mom’s side of the family. She’s 8 years older than me and every time we had family gatherings my aunt Joanne would always have something to boast about because Adeline was always a joyful girl, loud and happy. Honestly, I’ve rarely seen her cry or have sad expression on her face.

For the first few years of her life, her family lived in Australia, so when I was 2 I visited them for the first time. They celebrated my birthday with me. Since I was still a kid, I didn’t have any idea about what was going on. Adeline started to draw on my face with crayons. After 5 minutes, I ended up looking like a humanoid mouse. I looked at myself in the mirror, confused and I started running around the house screaming and shouting, complaining about what she had done to my face! In the end I slipped and fell into the swimming pool. I remember that everyone was worried about me, wondering if I got hurt, while Adeline laughed her head off, having the time of her life.

Another time, we were walking along a beach, the adults were indulged in deep conversations, (I had no idea of since I was 2), and I was chasing Adeline around. We all stopped as we came a long this pier with a pile of boulders beside it. I was strangely fond of boulders at that time, so I being the monkey I am, climbed onto one of them and looked towards the infinite horizons. After a while I spotted a flock of pelicans landing at the tip of the pier, and Adeline being the curious she was ran towards them. The mighty pelicans had no idea what this retard was doing but they certainly weren’t scared of her. As she stretched her hands out to pet them, one of the pelicans clamped it’s beak onto her right palm. The next thing we heard was a scream of pain and shock. Although pelicans don’t have any teeth, the bite still left a huge bruise on her palm for a whole week. That was the first and the last time I saw “wonder woman” cry.

  1. grahamchung says:

    It was cool to read about your cousin. The beginning was good and succinct. I was really wondering what the story was about, however, the middle paragraph seemed to be a paragraph that was there just to take up space. If you just put the last paragraph’s story into detail, it would’ve made a better paper. However, I thought that it was a good piece, overall. Although there were a few here and there punctuation errors and grammatical errors, it was a well thought-out and written piece.

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