Dialogue (Peer Pressure)

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

Peer Pressure


N: Hey Max, let’s go arcade afterschool today. We’ll play Gundam and Initial D! You know? The driving game that everyone plays? Yeah! We can use our  Initial D cards and play till our feet and hands are numb!


L: Nah, I don’t think so. I’m grounded, and my mom wants me to study for my bio test tomorrow. I’m getting an A- in the class man.. I really need the extra time to study.


N: An a-?! I’m happy with my C. C’mon man; you’re always doing other things like hanging out with your girlfriend and going to youth group. C’mon, you know you want to…


L:I don’t think so. Some other time..


N: Your coming. Period. No excuse.


L: Uhhh, ok. I guess I can game for about an hour or so. I’ll tell my parents that I’m staying afterschool for some study group. But ONLY for an hour, ok? Even if the game is not over, I still have to leave, alright?


N: Yeah yeah, whatever, lets just game!


(the next scene takes place in the arcade)


N: Oh yeah! This game is awesome! C’mon! Start drifting man! It’ll boost you and go to max-speed!


L: I’m trying I’m trying! I haven’t played this game in ages! Give me a second!


N: Ha thanks to all that studying, you’re obviously a PRO now, haha, cmon! You can do better than that, I know you have that skill in somewhere, maybe somewhere in your genes, or chromosomes or whatever bio was about..


L :Ha, that’s why you don’t arcade all day long!


N: Well well Mr. Einstein if you crash again you might just find me lapping you a second time.


L: Oh shut up dude, if you fail your bio test tomorrow I would honestly “raugh out roud”.


N: I’ll just awaken the true “asianness” within me and pull it off with a C+

L: I wonder where you’re gonna go after you get out of high school.


N: Stop trying to be a goodie goodie, you just got a detention for PDA. An A+ in health wouldn’t help you pull it off.


(looks at watch)

L : Oh crap, it’s already 15 minutes over! My mom is gonna murder me!


N: Oh chillax, she’ll understand.


L: Noooo I really have to go!


N: Don’t let the fire die! You just started to get better.


L :No dude! I really need to go! You should go home too! Maybe you would get a B- for once and you might just get your Xbox back,


N: You kidding me? Why would I do that to myself? I don’t wanna be Einstein when I can do a 54 second lap time! Maybe I should go for Formula 1 instead! And by the way….. You are NOT going home anytime soon, if you step out of this place I’m gonna tell your mom you got a girlfriend


L: oh gosh my mom’s gonna grill me, either way I’m screwed so I might as well just enjoy the last hours of my life.

The next day at school..


N: Yo dude what’s the matter?


L: If my mom sees my test score for Bio, this is the last time I’ll ever be standing in front of you with a pulse.


N: C’mon it can’t be THAT bad can it? What did you actually get…?


L: (Cries) A B+ !!! I’m so screwed!


N: Well at least you’ve started to develop your racing instincts that run in your blood stream. You won’t be worrying about a job anymore!


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