Rant Rampage!

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

 Most of you might have noticed the “Waiting for repair sign stuck to the door right outside this classroom. But if you didn’t already know why, the sign is still there because of the lack of organization and some god-d*mn administration in ICS, this school that we pay 10k each month for. Also it was a result of an impulsive act of rage by a stupid guy with a taekwondo sidekick, which in this case was me. Why? There was a girl whose name shall not be mention for it brings apocalypse to world, which continuously annoyed and finally provoked my explosion. I’ve been very close friends with this girl since 9th grade, and we would almost share anything with each other. I even took the initiative to film and edit for her project during my free time! Despite my unappreciated effort, I was dragged into her group for the final project along side with my friend Calvin. First she just HAD to pick the stupid topic on the ”Song Sisters” which was the first thing I was annoyed about, then she proceeded on procrastinating and watching YouTube videos and laughing out loud while I was working hard. Also I felt like she was bullying and enslaving Calvin, forcing make up on his face, and insulting him when he was only trying to lend a prop to his friends from another group. Not only were her ideas selfish and retarded, they were very unclear. Sounds like the typical style of spoiled b**ch yeh? Then it got to the point where she was b*tching around and insulting my participation and the work I’ve done in the group, the exact words that came out from her mouth were “what did you even do? You didn’t even do sh*t!” At that point I could no longer hold back and I slammed the laptop onto the sofa, causing the screen to flap backwards. Then I proceeded to go downstairs to the washroom to cool down, but when I got to the door my mind went blank and I just gave the door a merciless kick and it flung open and the glass cracked. Even after that, as Ms. Chung asked them to find out what happened, they conspired and tried to exaggerate and blame the whole thing on me. I swear to God I wasn’t able to do anything to them because I would have to reluctantly admit that they are girls although I can hardly find any virtues of a female in them. Luckily enough, our brilliant teacher understood and believed my truthful explanation of the incident, and I was able to leave the group and finish my project within 2 days. If I actually stayed in the group, I would’ve gotten so screwed. I guess it’s hard to hold back when some sl*t less capable than you are insults your very specialty and hobby, filming and video editing in this case. Even till this year it didn’t end, during Econ class when I was assigned in the same group with her, she had to suck up and try to apologize to me because if I ignored her, she would literally fail, because she’s like hella stupid. And as you might’ve guessed our Econ final got totally f*cked up cuz of her. There should be a place in hell for these people.

  1. aarontse04 says:

    NICK! I remember the time in class where we had to present our rants and this was the rant everyone was looking forward to hear. Even though that isn’t something we should be proud of, overall I think that it was a pretty good rant because you actually had something specific that you wanted to rant about. I would agree that sometimes you just need to rant about something or someone even though it isn’t very nice to do so but hopefully you’re cool with whoever you ranted about and that she is not something that bothers you anymore! 🙂 Amazing job! 🙂

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